CANSAT France, CMU Class, Dave Masten Trade Study, MSET, STELLAR Museum Event, More

@dmasten: For the rest of the day: aero estimations using DATCOM, then lots of CFD. If time tonight, write propellant trade study for @TeamFREDNET.

@glxp: Team @WhiteLabelSpace presents at the University of Tokyo: #GLXP

@dmasten: View from our shop parking lot this afternoon.

@NASAWatch: Teams Selected for 'Fly Your Thesis!' 2010 Microgravity Program

@mojaverocketguy: Ken just uploaed one of my favorite Xoie videos--our 195s flight in 30+ knot winds the day before the LLC competition:

@SoldTheMoon: CMU mobile robotics class under way today, with diverse student interests from mech E to cryogenic battery testing. A great group.

@mastenspace: welcomes @MattCannella to the Mojave desert!

@unrocket: Machined pieces for replacement bball landing gear, parts now at the welder. Haven't had the motivation to start the waiver paper work yet.

CANSAT France:

Where are we today? (PDF) - This shows the state of the CANSAT France competition, and includes a proposal for a European Cansat competion in 2011.

CANSAT - FRANCE - Proposed missions for the 2010 competition (PDF)

Mechanical Science and Engineering Team - This is a high school team that participates in the Vex Robotics Competition, First Robotics Competition, and Team America Rocketry Challenge, among other activities.

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #7 - Luna C/I

@ConradAwards: Check out our finalist teams at

@Pomerantz: RT @michael_green: SEDS-UCF USLI (rocket for competition) Critical Design Review complete. nice 185 pages. PDF:

@InnoCentiveCEO: New $30K InnoCentive Challenge! Lightning as an Alternative Energy Source

@JUXTOPIA_JURBAN: Check out theWashington Post article on Ken Harvey, former Redskin and active member of the JURBAN team, on relieft efforts made in Haiti.

Here is the article

Astronauts on 'Roids - This is from the producers of Luna C/I. There is also twitter account @AstrosOnRoids.

Celebrate 20 Years of Astronomy at the Museum of Natural Sciences - Raleigh Downtowner Magazine - A lot of space events are planned, including this:

Visitors can also check the progress of TeamSTELLAR and their pursuit of the Google Lunar X Prize, a $30 million international competition to safely land a robot on the surface of the Moon; ...

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