Friday Fun Day #FFD: New Year, New Poll

Update: Poll suggestions so far!

  • What type of eating contest should the GLXP team attempt in 2010?
  • A good poll question about Team Unreasonable Rocket where both available answers are "Paul Breed" (haha)
  • What costume should @pomerantz wear for Halloween? (so he can start preparing)
  • Who would you like to see sent on a one-way trip to the Moon?
  • What launch vehicle will the winning team use?
  • What year will the GLXP be won?
  • What payload will the teams send to the Moon?
  • What type of vehicle will win the prize? (rover, lunar hopper, etc)
Great ideas, keep 'em coming!


Woo hoo! Time for the first Friday Fun Day of 2010.

It is a new year, and some of you may have already noticed that the X PRIZE website got a nice new look yesterday. The Google Lunar X PRIZE site won't be far behind, but the front page definitely needs something shiny on it as we await the redesign!

There is a poll on the front page right now that has received much love: "Which Team do you think will win the Google Lunar X PRIZE?" After 14,500+ votes, we have decided that it is time to retire this poll and start anew. But we need your input in determining what the next poll should be. So...

1) Help us out, GLXP fans! What should our new poll topic be? We are open to all suggestions -- serious and funny -- and the idea is to post the poll ideas in a poll for next week (because we're crazy like that). And just think, your idea could be immortalized on the Google Lunar X PRIZE front page for the foreseeable future. Send us your ideas here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Google Wave.

2) On less-serious side of polling, the German Google Lunar X PRIZE team (The Part Time Scientists) inspired one idea for a poll this week when they announced during a presentation, "Everything is better with bacon" -- even Moon exploration. A grand idea from the Twitterverse emerged in response to this -- a lunar bacon X PRIZE. But what would we name such a delicious prize? Our Twitter fans have come up with the following suggestions so far -- so vote for your favorite or submit your own idea:

By the way -- did you know that the first meal on the Moon included bacon? From NASA's history website, here was the first meal of Apollo 11 on the lunar surface:

The 1st meal on the Moon was 4 bacon squares, 3 sugar cookies, peaches, pineapple-grapefruit drink and coffee.

They got Moon exploration right back in the 1960's!

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