Friday Fun Day #FFD: Space Geeks at Work

Wahoo, it's Friday!

This week we are looking for your spaciest/geekiest office gear. When you are buried in emails and Excel spreadsheets, what do you keep on your desk or cube walls to remind you of rockets and stars? Models, posters, awards, books, art, toys, or whatever else you have -- it's all fair game!

Tell us about your office pièce de résistance by leaving a comment below or @-replying us on Twitter. Or better yet, snap a quick pic and email it to or find a picture on the 'nets and point us to it!

To start things off, here is my favorite model Tintin rocket, perched on my shelf:

From @csete, a video of Tippe Top. Fun! I want.

@Quarkspin has posters in his office from a galaxy far far away:

and some cool NASA schwag:

@mrdoornbos suggests the space between the walls in his office. Well, ok. We all value that sometimes.

@JenniKissinger has her NASA Ames Academy 2008 patch displayed (Will Pomerantz would be proud!). And keeps posters of Space Shuttle Discovery and an ER-2 hanging in the home office (ER-2s pictured below)

@jeff_foust sends in a glimpse at the future of living in space. Nice display!

@NLSI sends us a pic of an awesome rocket shelving system (I need one of these!), which carries snacks and tea while she carries out her mission.

@Snibble sends in a nice collection of patches and pins, some from a certain un-named lunar competition:

...and this as well. Look out for the waaaaaaaallllllllll!

From @Matt808, an entire office corner dedicated to awesome.

@SDSpace is keeping a secret stash of astronaut food at his desk:

@ImperfectSense has a heavenly tribute to space at her desk: a papercraft Saturn V F-1 engine (whole rocket in progress) and SpaceShipOne:

I have to quote @Chris_Radcliff here, it just can't be worded any better: " cinema display is encrusted with space nerdery."

Love the paper rocket, too.

@CristinLindsay (our VP of Prize Operations at X PRIZE, by the way) sent us a pic of a seriously awesome sign in her office. What? I'm not biased.

@priesett has something on his desk that would make some (possibly all) of our GLXP teams jealous: a Lunokhod 1 model:

I was secretly hoping that someone would send in a picture of a Space Pen, and @mattcollister pulled through for me:

I asked if anyone had a Soviet Space Pen on their desk, and @huntster1701 knew what I was referring to... :)

The talented Mike Fabio (@revrev), who needs no introduction, sent us a nostalgic picture (technically not on his desk, but we'll let him get away with it.... this time):

And our own @Pomerantz kindly gave us an impromptu video tour of his office, which is full of neat trinkets!

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