Friday Fun Day #FFD: Team Trivia Day!

I am dying to give away some space schwag today. In honor of our upcoming Team Summit, I'm going to ask you some team trivia.

First trivia question is in the video below. Answer on Twitter, here in the comments, or on our YouTube channel. Happy Friday, everyone!

Ready..... GO!

The first question was, "How many of the GLXP teams are based in Germany, and what are their names? "

@csete correctly answered first: 2 teams. The Part Time Scientists and C-Base Open Moon.

This was a tricky question since several of our teams include German team members, and the leader of Team Selene, Markus Bindhammer, is also German. Team Selene, however, is actually headquartered in China!

Second Question: Which one of our teams is the open source competitor? (members of said team disqualified from this trivia question!)

@Quarkspin was quick to the buzzer with the correct response: Team FredNet.

Congrats to our winners!

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