Idea Connection list, Dave Masten and FREDNET, International Cansat, SLI, What If?, and more

I'm posting this prize link roundup a bit later than I intended, so Team Prometheus's "tomorrow" is already well in the past:

@TeamPrometheus - Tommrow we start on 2 new landers for Frednet! I'll post when we go Live on livestream.

David Masten Intro - FREDNET forum:

The particular tasks I've volunteered for are to do a trade study on liquid propulsion systems for the lander and bus, and then trade on the idea of a single stage or two stage approach. After that, I think I need to get with the lander folks and ask for some changes, and start in on the TLI stage design and engine designs.

Idea Connection has a list of Open Innovation Success Stories that includes several NASA Centennial Challenges:

Xoie - Reusable Rocket (Masten and the Lunar Lander Challenge)
Otis (LaserMotive and the Beam Power Challenge)
NASA uses Open Innovation Contest to develop Moonraker (Paul's Robotics and the Regolith Excavation Challenge)
Open Innovation: Astronaut Glove (Peter Homer and the Astronaut Gove Challenge)

Other prize competitions are also included in the list.

@GoZeroG - Compete for cash prizes in the What if? Student Competition. Register your 6th, 7th, or 8th grader at

The 8th Continent Project Business Plan Competition 2010 - Colorado Space Coalition

@NASA_Ames - Design your Space Settlement (6-12th graders, D/L March 31st) .:. 70s inspiration:

@tedprize - Can Oceans Survive the Human Appetite for Seafood? Sylvia Earle on "Talk of the Nation"

Alliances Takes us Back to School with the Newly Launched X PRIZE Lab at UW - neXt PRIZE

Rocket Boys volunteer remembered by co-workers -

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Rocket - NASA on the Student Launch Initiative

Mars Experiment Design Competition winners - Space for All:

... The competition invited Florida middle and high school students to design scientific experiments to send to the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah in March 2010. ...

8th-11th April 2010, Madrid, Are you ready for it? - International Cansat Competition

Ciaraldi on Award-Winning Robot Team - Worcester Polytechnic Institute Computer Science

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