Rock Down to Electric Avenue

This week, the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE team is revved up in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show, where some of the finalist teams are on display at "Electric Avenue", one of the exhibits at the show.

On display there are some great examples of the completely innovative approaches that are taken when teams are given an end goal (a prize), and the freedom to accomplish that goal as they wish. Here are a few of the photos that the PIAXP team has posted on Facebook over the last two days:

Edison2 Vehicle

SABA Motors

SS1 Racing

Team EV1


There are also many other teams still in the running for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, which will be awarded later this year. In fact, the final competition timeline was just announced yesterday (1/12/10).

Good luck to all of the competitors in the PIAXP! We are certainly looking forward to the successful (and suspenseful) conclusion of the second $10 million prize here at X PRIZE.

Who knows, maybe our next big prize will involve rockets AND cars... I mean, where is my flying car already?

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