GLXP is AFK for a Few Days

Things will be a little quiet during the next week here at the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Will, Nicky, and myself will all be out of the office on various adventures, so posting on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook will be light.

But fear not! Chanda will keep the lights on while we're away, and we figure that there is no better way to get her adjusted to the new job than to let her run the office for a week! Right, Chanda? And Will is attending a Centennial Challenges technical symposium and recognition event, so be sure to follow his updates on Twitter or find an update here on The Launch Pad later this week.

I will be back first thing Friday morning, and ready to cover the much-anticipated SpaceUp Conference taking place this weekend. If you are not attending this event, you should know that an epic moonpie eating contest is in the works...

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