Friday Fun Day #FFD: SpaceUp Contest!

Hi fellow space fans! It's that time of the week again...!

Will and I are at Lindbergh Elementary School today teaching kids about space, so we won't be able to actively participate in Friday Fun Day. But don't despair! There is a contest being held by the folks hosting the first space UNconference, called SpaceUp. It's like BarCamp for space, where the participants in the conference determine the topics and schedule on the day of the event. Pretty cool! It will be taking place in San Diego, CA on February 27-28, 2010. I've been told that folks representing SpaceX, XCOR, Masten Space Systems, NASA JPL, and (ahem) X PRIZE will be in attendance.

But back to the contest. Here are the prizes that you can win: a SpaceUp patch, SpaceUp t-shirt, a "Rocket Crew" t-shirt, or a FREE REGISTRATION to the conference! Patch design and Rocket Crew t-shirt designs shown below.

From the SpaceUp website, the contest works like this (note: must be on Twitter):

1. To nominate someone, send a tweet like this:
“I want to see @mrdoornbos at #SpaceUp because he’s a BRICK! HOUSE!”

2. For each tweep you nominate, you get one entry in the daily prize drawing. A reason (after the because) is required, because.

3. Each morning, I’ll randomly** select one tweet from the previous day’s nominations; the author gets their choice of either a SpaceUp San Diego t-shirt, a SpaceUp patch, or a Rocket Pit Crew t-shirt.

4. After one week, the nominations will be tallied** and the tweep with the most nominations will get a free registration to SpaceUp. Also: fame.

5. As a special bonus prize, the first tweep to nominate the winner will also get a free SpaceUp registration.

Good luck everyone! If you don't win but still want to join the fun, you can still register for SpaceUp!

Happy Friday everyone, and have a fantastic weekend!

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