Friday Fun Day #FFD: Your Place in the Solar System

Happy Friday everyone!

This week we'd like to know, if you could put a habitat down for a week anywhere in the solar system, where would you place it? Feel free to neglect the effects of gravity, radiation, atmosphere, temperature, etc. Perhaps you'd like a place with a view on Valles Marineris, or would like to explore the Apollo 11 site.

I'll start out with a place I'd like to go: one of the asteroids. If I have to choose a specific one, I'd pick Eros since the NEAR-Shoemaker spacecraft is also parked there. Can you imagine the views? Not to mention that it would sort be like riding an RV through the solar system.

Updated Post: Lots of great suggestions coming in!

@NLSI obviously has sights set on Luna, but another moon follows in close second. A submarine trip on Europa, anyone? (Agreed, that *would* be cool).

@JimmiC wants to buzz around the solar system on Halley's Comet. That would be a nice tour:

@John146 is also all about RVing the solar system on the asteroids. Perhaps we should form a club? :)

@Quarkspin gets kudos for originality, with Pan (moon of Saturn) as his destination of choice. Right in a gap in Saturn's rings, pretty neat:

@JoeMasiero agrees that Saturn is the place to be, and would visit any one of the sheparding moons of Saturn.

@SoulTrain0217 would station a secret lair on Deimos (moon of Mars). [Was I supposed to reveal that?]

@Snibble would set up shop at Home Plate on Mars, and pay a visit to Spirit:

@chris_radcliff: (1) Thanks for pointing out the great APOD photo, and (2) Saturn described as a "giant ruddy beast" is the funniest thing that I've read today. :) Camping out in the moons of Saturn...

Jeffrey suggested (ON FACEBOOK! Woo hoo!) Enceladus -- for fantastic views of Saturn and Titan:

And from the Google Buzz realm (love the multiple platforms being used today), Malika would be Jupiter-bound, headed for Europa. That would be one heckuva view.

@Luke_Ubiquitous knows no bounds, and would visit the Pleiades (full explanation in comments)!

@csete wants to check out Pluto, to see if the scenery looks like this:

Where would you go? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, or Facebook, or Buzz! (Whew, so many options!)

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