Honoring Centennial Challenges Winners

Today is day 2 of the NASA Centennial Challenges technical symposium and recognition ceremony. Day 2 is the recognition ceremony. Here are some ways to keep up to date on the tweets and other news from the events:

From the Centennial Challenges page:

Centennial Challenges 2009 Prizewinners Recognition Ceremony
Feb. 26, 2010, 10 am to 11 am
NASA TV will broadcast the ceremony.

Here are a couple tweets from NASA's Doug Comstock that point you to a lot of the information.

@Doug_Comstock: Follow twittering NASA Prize-Winners here: http://twitter.com/#/list/Doug_Comstock/nasa-prize-winners Any other prize winners twittering?

After posting this I noticed that the above link only worked for me when I was logged in to twitter, so you could also try this: Doug Comstock's NASA Prize Winners Twitter List.

@Doug_Comstock: Transcript from today's technical symposium on NASA's six current Centennial Challenges is at http://tinyurl.com/cc-transcript #nasacc

Centennial Challenges, power beaming and DPAL - RLV News

This link is another way to check the twitter updates: NASACC meeting twitter hashtag

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