New Perspectives

When it comes to posting video on the web, one of the points that we try to emphasize to the GLXP teams is the criticality of introducing elements of creativity and originality in videos, whenever possible. With the amount of content being uploaded to the web (case in point: 20 hours of YouTube video per minute!), this often differentiates between videos that get noticed, and those that don't. And this can be as simple as offering a different perspective on the subject of the video -- for example, by shooting a video in a unique environment, or using a new camera angle.

A perfect example of this in practice came from Masten Space Systems last Friday, after the team performed three free flights in the Mojave. In addition to standard views of the rocket flights, team member Ben Brockert buried a camera next to the launch pad and captured a new perspective:

Rocket flights are always fun to watch, but offering this unique camera angle cranked up the cool factor quite a bit, don't you agree?

Keep up the good work, MSS!

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