Numerous Google Lunar X PRIZE Updates, More

@paulsrobotics Saturday night, perfect time to machine robot parts!

@glxp Fun visit with @Bob_Richards of @Odyssey_Moon this morning at the #xprize office:

@PTScientists - yesterday we were in geek heaven. no pictures from the inside tho.

Harvard-Based Crowdsource Project Seeks New Diabetes Answers — & Questions - Wired

Moon Exploration is Not Dead - Space Travel - Exploration and Tourism

@ikluft: Space Access Conference Apr 8-10 in Phoenix, info update posted at #newspace

@JUXTOPIA_JURBAN NSBE Space partners with JURBAN Team for the Goolge Lunar X PRIZE.

@LunaCI This week's Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup is a juicy one! Ton of interesting news. #GLXP

@synergymoon Team SYNERGY MOON will be at the San Diego Science Festival Expo Day, March 27th, 2010!

@Odyssey_Moon Historic NASA funding announcement coincided with a Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit @NASAJPL #GLXP

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