Please Welcome: Chanda Gonzales

As our die-hard fans no doubt already know, the X PRIZE Foundation is an educational non-profit. The twin ideals of 'education' and 'inspiration' are a core part of our philosophy, just as critical as the high tech innovations and the revolutionary paradigm shifts that are our bread and butter.

Call me biased (okay, extremely biased), but I've long thought that the Google Lunar X PRIZE has the potential to be the foundation upon which truly world class educational programs are built. To borrow a line from Bodgan Sburlea of team ARCA, we've got rockets, robots, the Moon, Google, the X PRIZE, and tens of millions of dollars; if we could just incorporate dinosaurs somehow, we'd have the attention of every child in the world! We have a responsibility to use this exciting race and the worldwide excitement surrounding Moon 2.0 to get students of all ages more engaged in the pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

It is therefore my great pleasure to ask you to join mein welcoming the newest member of the X PRIZE family, Ms. Chanda Gonzales! Chanda (pronounced like Shawnda) is our new Manager for Education for the Google Lunar X PRIZE, having just joined our team this week.

Chanda comes to the X PRIZE Foundation from the University of California system, where she worked for 7+ years at both UC Davis and UC Riverside as a State Program Director. In that role, she managed several state wide education partnership programs, helped the university system liaise with local communities and school districts, helped secure funding for education programs, and directly advised students, among many other tasks. Prior to her position at UC, she worked at her alma mater, CSU-San Bernardino in a similar role. She has also worked at the US Department of the Interior, the San Bernardino School District, and the Monteilh Child & Family Service Network.

Chanda will be helping us supercharge the educational aspect of the Google Lunar X PRIZE. As you've noticed, we already have a few educational tools available on our website, and we've dropped some hints about others that will be coming soon, but we clearly have a lot of room for growth. We are extraordinarily excited to have her on board, and we look forward to working with her to turn the Google Lunar X PRIZE into a truly world class education and inspiration engine.

Please join Amanda, Nicky, and me as we welcome Chanda to the team!

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