Prize Roundup: Suborbital Science Conference, GLXP Updates, Dutch CanSat, Beam Teams, Moon Trails, More

@glxp: We have a new addition to the #GLXP team and today is officially her 1st day! Super excited to introduce her to all of you.

@NextGiantLeap: New direct link to our facebook page: #GLXP

@PTScientists: - R2 of our Rover will feature many improvements

@Suborbi_Science: Some significant announcements expected at NSRC this week! Stay tuned, or better, come & hear the news 1st hand.

Will any of these announcements be related to Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge teams? Ansari X PRIZE follow-on businesses? Student competitions? Maybe and maybe not, but you can could on there being a lot of presentations there related to prizes and prize teams - the conference program (PDF) already shows that.

@EarthPic: Earth Science Picture of the Day: Moon Trails

May the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams blaze some Moon Trails of their own soon.

CanSat competition - Thomas's Blog - This blog post links to the site for one of the teams competing in the Dutch CanSat competition.

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #10 - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration

Briefs: The budget wall; Lobbying for tech competition funding - RLV News

Here are a few news items on the Space Elevator Games climber/power beaming competition:

More from the KC Space Pirates… - The Space Elevator Blog

Welcome LaserMotive’s New Blogger! - LaserMotive

The Otis Diet - LaserMotive

On the automotive prize front:

Start your X Prize engines - COSMIC LOG

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