Stumbled Upon This Morning

Once a week, StumbleUpon sends me an email with a list of about 10 websites that it thinks "GLXP" would enjoy (let's face it: The Internet knows all nowadays). This is admittedly one of my favorite emails every week, as the suggestions vary wildly from art, to news, to the delightfully random and downright weird; for instance, one of this week's recommendations is, "Cat Attempts Murder" (Google it, if you're really curious).

Occasionally the links even have something to do with space. This week featured an amazing composite image of the solar eclipse that occurred last summer over Asia and the Pacific for 6 minutes and 39 seconds (the longest eclipse of this century). A photographer in the South Pacific captured it and created this image using 31 seperate photographs:

Amazing, right? The solar corona effects are incredible; it looks like something fantastic born out of photoshop. If you're curious about how photographers capture an eclipse, I found an article on Scientific American about the process.

So, StumbleUpon occasionally strikes gold. Where else can you get a beautiful picture of a solar eclipse, immediately followed by a "picture of the day" like this? Gotta love the internets.

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