#FFD: A Picnik on the Moon

This past week brought exciting news that Picnik (basically a simplified Photoshop on the web but approximately 1000 times easier to use) was just acquired by Google. And what sounds like more fun on this Friday than combining a Picnik and the Moon?


In addition, I have some prizes here in the office that I would love to give away to you all, and it's been too long since our last contest. So here it is:

  • Go to Picnik.com
  • Click "Upload" to edit a Moon (or space) -related photo (no registration required!)
  • Unleash your creativity upon the photo. Colorize, crop, create something artistic and abstract, and then...
  • Click the "Save and Share" button. You can post it to Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, and more. Just point it out to us and we'll share it here on this post.
  • Contest will run until Sunday, March 7, 11:59pm PST. On Monday (3/8), the X PRIZE staff will choose the winner and a runner-up to receive Google Lunar X PRIZE t-shirts and other cool prizes! 
The Flickr Creative Commons is a good place to start for photos that can be modified and reused (thanks for the reminder, @Pomerantz!).  Here is a sample of something I created in less than 5 minutes (original at top, picnikified version below):

ENTRIES! (Updated Friday at 2:30pm PST)

A lovely Moon scene from @Pomerantz:

Rocket to the Moon! (rocket stamp included in Picnik, btw) from @cristinlindsay:

Postcard from the Moon, by @Priesett. I'll send you all one of these, someday :)

A submission from @glittertrixie. We hope not, too!

What you say, @amoroso!

A psychedelic masterpiece from @mattcollister:

The final entry from @Snibble -- a poster that we all hope to see hanging in a Moon base someday...

As ever, you can find us on twitter, facebook, tumblr, or can leave us a comment/link here on this blog!

Can't wait to see your submissions! HAPPY FRIDAY.

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