Future NASA Centennial Challenges Planning

Braun Outlines Technology Plans, Including Reestablishing NIAC - Space Policy Online.com

This article includes a link to a presentation, "NASA Innovation
and Technology Preliminary Planning
", by NASA Chief Technologist Dr. Robert Braun. The article and presentation are both interesting as glimpses into NASA's initial general (i.e. not specific to a mission directorate like Exploration) technology plans following the 2011 NASA budget proposal. However, I'll concentrate on one specific part of those plans: NASA's Centennial Challenge prizes. The presentation includes a slide (on page 21) of "Near-Term Actions" to develop more details for NASA's new technology programs. One of the upcoming milestones is the following:

–Centennial Challenges Lunar Exploration Prize: April 26, 2010

No more details are given, but there is also the following on Centennial Challenges:

Solicitation/planning for ongoing programs (SBIR/STTR, Centennial Challenges, Flight Opportunities) proceeding on schedule

On the next page, "Approximate Number of Planned FY11 Space Technology Products", the following is anticipated:

5 New Centennial Challenges

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