Public Voting for Conrad Awards Starts Today

A sister organization of the Google Lunar X PRIZE, the Conrad Foundation, just announced the launch of "Revenge of the Nerds meets American Idol" today -- the opening of public voting for the 21 finalist teams entered in the "Spirit of Innovation" high school student competition.

The teams are competing in the categories of aerospace, renewable energy, green buildings, and nutrition. Much like the teams entered in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, each finalist team has been blogging, posting photos, and creating video content to document their team and design process. This provides a great opportunity to dig in and see some of the creative ideas that the students will be presenting at the Innovation Summit in mid-April.

Want to participate? The teams need your help!  Each of the Conrad teams are currently competing for the coveted 2010 People's Choice Award. On April 9th, the team with the most votes from the public will be named as "Conrad Scholars", and will receive grants for commercializing their product as well as two seats on a Zero Gravity flight (cool!).

The teams have created promotional videos for their products in an attempt to win your vote, so be sure to visit the Conrad Foundation site soon to check them out and cast your vote. You can also follow the Conrad Awards on Twitter, or follow the hashtag #conradvote. Help spread the word!

Listed below are all of the finalist teams, along with a one-sentence summary of their product (list provided by the Conrad Foundation).

Aerospace Exploration: create an innovative product for use in aerospace exploration.
  • ARCSat: from Columbus High School, Georgia, for their Pico-Satellite attitude control system. 
  • Sun Sailors: from North Carolina School of Science and Math, Durham, NC, for unique solar sail type vehicle. 
  • Tenorios: from North Carolina School of Science and Math, Durham, NC, for their unique take on a Rover design. 
  • GADGET Resonance: from Glenbrook North High School, Glennbrook, IL, for a directional resonance technology for microgravity construction. 
  • Hexigami: from homeschooled, Littleton, Colorado, for their hexagonal lunar habitat modules. 
  • Falcon Robotics project EVROV: from Carl Hayden High School, Phoenix, AZ, for the design of a EVA robot to assist in micro-gravity construction and repairs. 
  • Monta Vista FBLA: from Monta Visa High School, Cupertino, CA, for their carbon-nano bucky tubes for drug delivery in microgravity.
Nutrition: formulate a nutrition bar that meets the NASA’s spaceflight nutrition requirements.
  • AM Rocks: for the “Solar Flare, the Star Bar” – from BCAMSC
  • Team GBN Gadget: for “Afterburner” - from Glenbrook North High School
  • Team Delicious: for “Space Matter” – from BCAMSC
  • Team Rocket: for “Peanut Butter Rocket Chips” - from North Carolina School of Science and Math
  • Megan Cline: for “date with a nut” - from Sonoma Valley High School
  • Space Girls: for “the Shuttle Crunch Bar” - from BCAMSC
Renewable Energy: create an innovative product that uses renewable energy to change everyday life.

  • ACWa, homeschooled, from Houston, Texas, for creating clean drinking water from humid air using solar, wind, and geothermal power. 
  • Ramana, from Ramana Academy (Homeschool), San Jose, California, for an innovative solar cell design. 
  • ChlamyPower, from Ward Melville High School, Waterville, ME, for a novel photobioreactor using genetically-modified algae to produce hydrogen as fuel. 
  • Team Orca, from North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC, for a piezo-electric wave power generator. 
  • Native Sun, from Whitehorse High School, Montezuma Creek, UT, for using solar technology to allow Navajo people to continue enjoying native dishes while eliminating the need for fossil fuels. 
  • TJ Alpha, from Thomas Jefferson High School, Alexandria, VA, for their piezo-electric paper to capture sound as energy.
Green Schools: assess the environmental impact of your school, and create or improve upon a system to generate a healthier, higher performance learning environment.
  • TJ Delta Green, from Thomas Jefferson High school, Alexandria, VA, for their proposal including design of a unique living roof.
  • Green MAST, from Milken Community High School, Los Angeles, CA, for the unique use of an improved recycling and renewable energy system.

Head on over to the Conrad Awards website to vote now, and vote often! 

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