Team ARCA: Rockets and Adventures in Video Blogging

Last fall, Romanian Team ARCA ventured out to the Black Sea and made an attempt to test their high altitude solar balloon and the Helen rocket. They did an amazing job documenting the attempt, despite issues that arose with the balloon which ultimately thwarted their launch plans.

Team ARCA excels at leveraging online platforms to share their progress, and recently have been posting daily videos on their blog and YouTube to recap their November 2009 attempt and discuss what is next for their team. You can watch them either on the Google Lunar X PRIZE ARCA team blog or on their YouTube channel. Here is yesterday's short episode (#17) discussing the results of their recent daily video blogging adventures:

The team plans to continue regular video blogging as they make plans to re-attempt the launch of the balloon and the Helen rocket, now under the name "Mission 4". This is tentatively scheduled to take place within the next 30 days or so, so make sure to check up on them often. This team has told us that they really appreciate comments and feedback, so please drop them a quick note if you have a chance.

If you want to keep track of ARCA, here are the various platforms where you can find them:

Google Lunar X PRIZE team blog
Twitter: @arcaspace
YouTube channel
Picasa: ARCA albums

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