What Can You Do To Inspire Girls to Be Involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Fields?

A lot of youth today, particularly those from urban, economically disadvantaged communities do not have opportunities to investigate and experience the space industry world. Additionally, appealing to girls from these communities to explore this technological field needs to be strongly encouraged. In an article released on the Hill by Secretary Anne Duncan and John P Holdren-Advisor to President Obama for Science and Technology Policy, the US needs to tap the diversity of America to bring new approaches to discovery, design and innovations. Women and girls often face barriers that discourage participation in science and engineering. By engaging their diversity of experience and approaches, we can accelerate discovery and the development of new technologies and jobs.

This isn’t just a unique concern of the US, it’s a global concern. The entrance of women in science and technology fields has steadily increased over the years, however, more needs to be done in terms of promoting these types of careers at a very early age to girls in all communities. Girls can learn the full benefit of science and technology as it relates to the space industry by gaining knowledge and having positive interaction with education and space industry mentors.

What can the Google Lunar X PRIZE do? It’s a little short notice, but this coming Sunday- March 8th is International Women’s Day. Females throughout the world will be coming together to celebrate their achievements and discuss things they can do to tackle some of our biggest issues. Informal and formal events are currently being planned to empower women and girls to have dialogue about issues that directly affect the world. Many global corporations have also started to actively support International Women’s Day. Google in recent years has even changed its logo on its global search pages to support this day. To follow or be a part of this day in your local community to support female advances in the space industry, visit the International Women’s Day web site at http://www.internationalwomensday.com or follow them on twitter: @Women_on_IWD

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