#FFD Friday Fun Day -- Win an autographed book from Anousheh Ansari

Hi GLXP fans -- Happy Friday!

As you may have seen this week, we are gearing up for our very first X PRIZE Open House/TweetUp tonight. We are really excited to meet about 100 of our online fans, and to have Anousheh Ansari as our special guest!

To celebrate a truly fun Friday, we want to give away one autographed copy of Anousheh's new memoir, "My Dream of Stars".  Here's how you win --

Send us a Haiku/Twaiku about something related to the X PRIZE and/or the TweetUp. It can be about Anousheh Ansari, the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, Archon Genomics X PRIZE, Google Lunar X PRIZE (no bias, we promise ;) ), or wherever creativity takes you. The format is 5-7-5, and be sure to tag your Twaikus with #xpftweetup. Multiple submissions accepted and welcomed.

We'll assemble a judging panel consisting of one representative from each X PRIZE group at the TweetUp (we may read the winning entry at the event). The winner will receive an autographed book from Anousheh, and the runner up will receive an X PRIZE t-shirt of your choice!

Submit your haiku/twaiku to @glxp, on Facebook, or here in the comments on the blog.

Happy Friday everyone!

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