Friday Fun Day #FFD: Moon Music

Hi GLXP fans!

Friday Fun Day this week was inspired by two of our teams, the Part Time Scientists and Euroluna, who both had interviews this week on radio stations in their respective countries (Germany and Denmark). On their Facebook Fan Page, the PTS have also been listing the music they would like to play during lunar descent of their vehicle (including a song from The Bravery off of the Sun and Moon album).

Music and space exploration seem to go together like cats and the internet (and on wonderfully rare occasions, all of those worlds collide - see below). Astronauts wake up daily to chosen musical selections, everyone loves the popular and inspirational "Symphony of Science" videos, and frankly, I can't watch any docking sequence without thinking about The Blue Danube. [Update from Will and @amoroso: don't forget about Moon Bell, which creates music based on lunar altimetry, and the STS-116 wake up call].

So today's question is: If you were landing on the Moon, what song would you choose for your soundtrack? 

Post in the comments below, or @-reply glxp on Twitter, and we'll put together a crowdsourced Moon Music playlist. Happy Friday!

The list so far:

"Space Doggity" by Jonathan Coulton (via @chris_radcliff)

German bagpipe music by Wolgemut (via @priesett)

"Believe" by The Bravery, from The Sun and Moon album (via Team Lead Robert Boehme of @PTScientists

"Mars" (or "Jupiter") by Holst (via @JoeMasiero)

"Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Flloyd, arranged for NES by Brad Smith (via @matt808)

For a rocket launch, Robert Boehme adds "Baptized by Fire" by Spinnerette

@LunaMoon suggests a nice Viennese waltz (classy!)

@Cariann goes with the classic Frank Sinatra, "Fly Me To The Moon". Love it! 

@MattCollister has a funky suggestion: "Give up the Funk" by Parliament 

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