Friday Fun Day #FFD: Yuri's Night World Space Party

Prepare yourselves, for the biggest annual space geek holiday is nearly upon us -- and with 187 parties taking place on all 7 continents this year, there is a high probability that a Yuri's Night celebration is taking place somewhere near you.

If you are new to the idea of Yuri's Night, it is best described as a worldwide celebration of the first human (Yuri Gagarin) who ventured into space on April 12th, 1961. For this achievement, celebrations take place each year during the week of April 12th which include educational events, small gatherings, art exhibitions, charity fundraisers, and large-scale parties, planned in countries spanning the globe (find a celebration near you on

So, in honor of Yuri Gagarin and in the name of human space exploration, I hereby dedicate this week's Friday Fun Day to Yuri's Night.

The FFD activity: For those of you hosting or attending a 2010 Yuri's Night party, send us a flyer or a sentence or two about your gathering and we'll post it here. OR send us your favorite photo from a past Yuri's Night celebration!

I'll start with a picture from Yuri's Night Houston in 2007, and an amazing cake that we had made for our party that year. It was cosmonaut-approved.

Nice SD (San Diego) Space poster, submitted by Chris Radcliff:

@MotorbikeMatt is attending Yuri's Night Bay Area, which looks to be having *quite* the party this year. Here's a pre-party photo, with more to come:

Nebojsa of Team Synergy Moon informs us that they will be hosting not one, not two, but THREE Yuri's Night celebrations in Portland, OR., Zrenjanin, Serbia, and Rijeka, Croatia. Here is the flyer for the Croatia party:

@ErikLaan sends in the flyer of the celebration in Leiden, The Netherlands. Nice design.

A reference to a famous 2008 Yuri's Night photo, from @priesett: "Sputnik".

Send us your favorite photos, flyers, memories, and comments about Yuri's Night. Post in the comments below or @-reply GLXP on Twitter. Hope everyone has a great time this weekend at their Yuri's Night celebrations -- Poyekhali!

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