Prize Roundup: GLXP Deadline, Centennial Challenges Move, Heinlein Prize at Rice, TARC, LEEM CanSat, Moonbuggies, LASER, more

1-Year Deadline Extension Proposed for Google Lunar X Prize - Space News

Draper, MIT Students Test Lunar Hopper with Eyes on Google Prize - Space News

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #14 - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration

NASA To Lead Way With Lunar Robotics, Mining? - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration

NASA Open Government Plan - Centennial Challenges (PDF) - NASA

$15,000 Heinlein Commercial Space Award - - You can see the full set of prizes at the Rice University Business Plan Competition, including multiple space prizes, here.

Great Moonbuggies at Marshall Spaceflight Center - Space for All

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Program Assignments (PDF) - NASA - The Centennial Challenges program is one of the new MSFC responsibilities.

LASER '10 - The Space Elevator Blog reports on the Lego® Bricks Activity and Space Elevator Race.

MoonBots: A Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Challenge - This is on Facebook.

World’s Largest Rocket Contest Finalists Revealed for May 15 ‘Fly Off’ - AIA News 2010

Here are several posts on the International CanSat Competition:

DeSoto is awarded 2nd Prize.
DeSoto in the 2nd International CanSat Competition.
Opening ceremony of 2nd Int. CanSat Competition.
Finishing preparation for 2nd International CanSat Competition

That's for 1 team's experience. Here's an overview of the competition:

1st All You CAN Fly! Competition - LEEM

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