Rocket Racing League Reawakens

Following many quiet months, the Rocket Racing League has come back on the radar, much to our rocket-loving delight. In the first-ever public flights, two Mark III X-Racers will be flying demonstrations at the Tulsa Air and Rocket Racing Show this Saturday, April 24th. The vehicles are capable of speeds up to 250 mph (~400 kph) and are powered by engines providing 2500-lbs (~11,000 N) of thrust -- not to mention the 15 ft/4.5m long exhaust flame that trails behind.

Don't worry if you can't make it to the lovely state of Oklahoma this weekend -- the event will be webcast for 2 hours, hosted by Miles O'Brien and featuring special guests Buzz Aldrin, Owen Garriott, Richard Garriott, Peter Diamandis, and many more. Woo hoo!

The live feed will be available at 12pm-2pm Central Time/ 1700-1900 GMT: You can also follow the event on Twitter: @RRLeague.

Here is a short video from the co-founder of the RRL (who also happens to be the CEO of X PRIZE!):

Be sure to tune in Saturday for some sweet rocket action!

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