200+ MoonBots Teams Officially Registered in the Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Challenge

We always knew that youth and adults liked robots, the Moon and LEGO, but never suspected the kind of reaction we would receive for this challenge! As of the close of May 15th, we received 200+ team registrations.Teams span from across the globe. The MoonBots Challenge can justly be called an international STEM outreach challenge. X PRIZE Foundation, LEGO, Google, WIRED Magazine and National Instruments are very pleased to see such diverse groups partcipating. "We are excited about such a widespread response for MoonBots registration," said Dave Wilson, Director of Academic Marketing at National Instruments. "With registrants coming from more than 15 different nations representing almost every continent on earth, this event is sure to be a thrilling experience for everyone involved. NI is proud to join with all the other MoonBots sponsors and partners in this incredibly innovative challenge that will help advance science, technology, engineering and math education throughout the world."

Some of the most interesting things about the registration process has been getting to see how the team members know each other, where they reside and if they are affiliated with any kind of group. Doing a random selection, here are some examples of the diverse teams:

Brownsburg, Maryland- Moon BASE: Made up of elementary age youth that love LEGO, BASE is an acronym for Bethesda Aeronautic Space Exploration.

Rigby, Idaho- Rigby Robotics: Made up of a group of friends, these youth are excited to be a part of the Google Lunar X race to the moon. If there is green cheese on the moon, they will find it.

India- Kalpan Club of Astronomy: Made up of youth that are interested in popular space science and astronomy, their team name is in honor of astronaut Kalpana Chawla.

Tucson, Arizona- Space Pyrates: Made up of former FIRST LEGO League students without a high school robotics program, they have reunited at their local elementary school where they first started building and programming robots.

Bulgaria- Vedi: Made up of four members, their team name means “knowledge” in Sanskrit.

Beachwood, New Jersey- Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore Red Cedar Robotics: Made up of an all Girl Robotics Team, they are looking to have fun. They hope to reach out to other girls and encourage them to start their own teams.

Sydney, Australia- Moon Pies: Made up of youth from Newtown Public School, they are looking forward to engineering their way to be in the top 20.

San Antonio, Texas-The Blue Angels: Made up of youth whose parent’s work at Lackland Air Force Base, these youth are in a robotics class.

Sioux City, Iowa- Star Bursts: Made up of public school youth, one youth is going to be in another state so they have to communicate through technology.

Park City, Utah- US Lego Troopers: Made up of elementary school students that are passionate about LEGOs, robots, and space, these youth spend their days building LEGO sets and MINDSTORM robots and their nights dreaming of the spaceships they will build in the future that will take them in to space.

New York- Kipp Robotics Team: Made up of youth from a College Prep charter high school in Manhattan, the team is devoted to trying new things and making new challenges for themselves.

Here is a small sample of some of the cool team logo designs. Check out the MoonBots website to see more. Highlighting teams does not give any advantage to them making into the next phase of the challenge.

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