And the Winner Is...

For the last Friday Fun Day (#FFD), we hosted a haiku contest for an autographed copy of Anousheh Ansari's new book. The judges have convened, debated, slept on it, brewed coffee, debated some more, and finally have reached a consensus. We are proud to announce that the winner of the 1st ever TweetUp Twaiku contest (and all associated fame, fortune, and glory is)... @Quarkspin! The judges enjoyed his poetic references to the overall X PRIZE Foundation. Congratulations!

Here is the winning entry:

Moonbots, car, genomes
Teams vying for the X PRIZE
New discoveries! 

Our runner up, who will receive an X PRIZE gift pack, is @VAXheadroom (loved this one too!):

Shining brilliantly, 
Anousheh Ansari is.
Inspires us all! 

Want more? Other fun Twaiku submissions!

from @vaxheadroom:
Moon prizes await
And a very cool book too!
Wish I could be there!

Alone in the night
Todd (the Moon) awaits new friends
This time, they're robots

Small box on the moon
HD camera ready
Beam those pictures home!

from @priesett:
Rocket assembly
Is much more enjoyable
By the light of Todd

from @chris_radcliff:
My barn has burned down
now I can see the moonbots
glad we sent them first

from @quarkspin: 
Tiny rover bots
Crossing the lunar landscape
For fame and glory

X PRIZE teams compete
No boundary is too high
No detail too small

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