Friday Fun Day #FFD: Fond Memories & Photos of Atlantis

[Post updated at 11:45am PST]

Woo hoo, it's *Friday*... feel free to do a little dance now!

As many good space geeks know, this isn't just any Friday. No sir. Because today was also the launch of STS-132 at 2:20pm EDT, which was the planned final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

So this #FFD goes out to the heavy-lifting, Hubble-fixing, all around awesome Shuttle that is Atlantis. We want to collect pictures related to "Orbital Vehicle (OV) - 104" -- old school photos, mission patches, crews, launches/landings, etc.

Here one to get us started (and one of my personal favorites) -- Shuttle Atlantis transiting the Sun:

From @Snibble: The launch today of STS-132 -- it was perfect!

Here's another beauty shot of STS-132, taken from the roof of the VAB today by @RobertPearlman (of @collectspace)

A gorgeous beach shot of the STS-129 trail from @priesett:

What are your favorite pictures? Send us your photos via @glxp, on Facebook, or here in the comments. Looking forward to seeing what you find on the internetz...

And of course: Godspeed, Atlantis!

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