Friday Fun Day #FFD -- Dedicated to Teachers that Inspire

Happy Friday, everyone! This week's Friday Fun Day activity was suggested by Chanda, who pointed out earlier this week in a blog post that it is National Teacher Appreciation Week. In honor of teachers that have touched our lives, we want to know, who was/were your favorite teacher(s) in school? We'd love to hear about who they are and how they influenced your life.

Will Pomerantz left a comment the other day that we'll re-post here to get this #FFD kickstarted:

Hear hear! Great teachers truly do change lives.

This is a good excuse to think back on the great teachers who have changed my own life. I'd probably list five or six off the top of my head: Mr. Cullinan from a High School English class, Maria Zuber from MIT's Earth and Planetary Science department, and Stephen Jay Gould, John Shaw, Dan Schrag, and Paul Hoffman from Harvard. I owe a great debt to all of them!

 Leave your response here in the comments or @-reply us on Twitter!

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