National Teacher Appreciation Week Begins Today

Starting today through Friday- May 7, communities will come together to recognize the great role teachers play in our children’s lives. There has been a long history of observing this week. Since the 1940s, students have been making thank you cards and bringing red apples to their teachers. In 1985, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) officially established this week to be designated as National Teacher Appreciation Week. This week provides an opportunity for students to show appreciation to their past and current teachers for delivering quality education to them.

Teachers in public schools, chartered schools, colleges and after school programs influence youth and adults on a daily basis. Teaching is a great profession and the fact that teachers are shaping the lives of students should be acknowledged. Teachers are helping students develop skills that are empowering them to be our future scientists, engineers and mathematicians. The Google Lunar X PRIZE wants to thank teachers throughout the world for inspiring learning and providing early education experiences for future innovation.

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