Prize Roundup: Astronaut Glove at NASA, Robotic Precursor RFI, NASAMICI Kick-Off, Moon Art, NASA ASK, More

@digitalart: The 2010 NASA Moon Art Contest: Last night I finished casting my votes as a judge in the NASA Life and Work on the...

@fineri: Video here, , only a snipit of todays work.

Water test set up today.

@NASAMICI: Did several test runs today in prep for Mon big kick-off. Still time for undergrads & faculty to register #NASA

@paulsrobotics: Moonraker on display for the #makerfaire, come see the #omgrobots and learn more about #wpi

Calling all mavericks, for a good X Prize cause - SFGate

Sergey Brin talks to XPrize Audience thru Texai Robot - YouTube

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #19 - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration


Astronaut Glove Prizewinners Demonstrate their Innovations to NASA Spacesuit Engineers - NASA Centennial Challenges:

On Apr. 30, 2010, the winners of the 2009 Astronaut Glove Challenge visited Johnson Space Center to meet with NASA space suit experts and demonstrate their gloves in a vacuum glove box. ... We are currently evaluating options for future work with the winners of the Astronaut Glove Challenge.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) - Exploration Precursor Robotic Missions - Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, NASA - NASA NSPIRES - This is not about prizes, but it may be of interest to prize competitors like Google Lunar X PRIZE teams.

Open-Door Innovation - Andrew Petro, NASA ASK Magazine

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