Prize Roundup: NSF Bill, Prize Strategy Session, UK Student Contest, More

Prizes in Government and Beyond: Peter Diamandis from XPrize and the White Houses' Tom Kalil - Case Foundation - This is one of the talks from the White House strategy session "Promoting Innovation: Prizes, Challenges and Open Grantmaking" that I mentioned here.

@unrocket: Different chunk of desert same dried out feeling. Got tripoli l1 and l2 certs at plaster city. Next stop control

Richard Garriott holds "Our Space" contest for UK students - Space for All

Students in NASA's launch competition - Space for All

Briefs: UK spaceflight contest; Advanced injectors project - RLV News

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #17 - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration

NSF Funding Boost Rolled into America Competes Act - GenomeWeb Daily News:

The Subcommittee additions to the America Competes Act also include a Lipinski amendment to create a pilot program that would award cash prizes in any area of NSF-funded research, particularly challenging high-risk, high-reward studies that could help boost US competitiveness and generate awareness of the NSF.

The act would fund five such competitions through the end of FY2013, and the awards would range between $1 million and $3 million. The government would not have the rights to any intellectual property developed under these awards, but it would be able to negotiate for license agreements with the prize contestants.

Subcommittee Approves NSF Reauthorization to be Rolled into America COMPETES Act - SpaceRef has a press release from the House Science and Technology Subcommittee about this.

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