Recap: X PRIZE Foundation TweetUp

Last Friday (4/30) we were thrilled to have 85 friends, both old and new, come to visit us at the X PRIZE office in Playa Vista, CA. Energetic Ignite talks, Anousheh's touching recollection of her experience in space, and throngs of interesting people who were excited to connect with each other all made for a fantastic evening. We certainly hope that our guests had as much fun as we did.

The entire event was webcast live by TechZulu, to whom we extend our extreme gratitude for being so awesome. Because of them, our event was a success both in-person and online; the live webcast had over 10,000 viewers. If you missed the show and want to catch the replay, TechZulu has the video of the X PRIZE TweetUp talks available on their website

Photos were captured by a number of attendees, which we are now rounding up on Flickr. If you took photos, please share them at (and feel free to add GoogleLunarXPRIZE as Flickr contact while you're at it -- we're new to the Flickr scene). 

Here are some photos taken by XPF staff member Michael Timmons:

A big THANK YOU to everyone that came out to X PRIZE, watched the webcast, and helped with the event -- we had a great time and plan to do it again in the future! 

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