Roundup: NASA Awards, MoonBots, LaserMotive, Recruiting, Lunar Orbit Mission

@Lori_Garver: Honoring NASA Presidential Distinguished Rank Award winners tonight at the State Dept. HRC speaking. NASA has 8 winners!

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NASA: NASA wins three Webbys! 2nd straight win for Congrats to everyone on the NASA and JPL teams

@ispcs: New Blog: Small Successes in Space Lead to Incremental Progress --See How They Come Together at ISPCS 2010 #fb

@NASA_Lunar: Congratulations to NLSI Director David Morrison for winning the very prestigious Presidential Rank of Meritorious Senior Professional award!

MoonBots Update: Age Restrictions Lowered, Team Participation Grows & Registration Deadline Nears! - GeekDad

Lunar Science with ARTEMIS: A Journey from the Moon’s Exosphere to its Core - Lunar and Planetary Institute - This one isn't about prizes, but with all of the prizes with lunar themes like the Google Lunar X PRIZE, Regolith Excavation Challenge, and Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, I thought it would be good to point out this example of a lunar mission made from 2 of the THEMIS heliophysics satellites in the style of Deep Impact and EPOXI or Stardust-NExT. Also see ARTEMIS, A TWO SPACECRAFT, PLANETARY AND HELIOSPHERIC LUNAR MISSION. and the THEMIS site.

Lasermotive update - RLV News

@TeamPrometheus: Team Prometheus is recruting! We are seeking members with business and marketing skills as well as engineering. We...

We’re Hiring! - Masten Space Systems

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