Change Up at Google Lunar X PRIZE Online

A quick note to the GLXP community
Over the next couple of weeks, I am largely going to be absent from the Google Lunar X PRIZE channels. In my stead, however, we've got two amazing people who are stepping in to keep things running: Will Pomerantz, who you all know and love, and the talented Ariel Waldman, who has helped us out in this role previously. So stay tuned for updates, announcements, and fun activities from them on The Launch Pad, Twitter, Facebook, and the Flight Plan.

Why the change up?

If you still want to throw a bacon moonpie link my way, you'll be able to find me over at the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE channels until the end of June. As some of you may know, the X PRIZE Foundation will be awarding its 2nd $10 million PRIZE this September (the first was the Ansari X PRIZE, awarded over 5 years ago). Exciting, yes? There will be a ton of action packed into the final few months, and the "Knockout Qualifying Stage" starts on Monday, June 21.

What is the PIAXP Knockout, and how can I follow? 
I'm glad that you asked :)

This is the second stage (of four) of the competition, which serves to further narrow the field of competitors. There are currently 20 teams entering the Knockout Qualifying round, who will need to demonstrate at least 66+ MPGe (miles per gallon or energy equivalent), as well as adequate range, emissions, and performance. All vehicle tests will take place at the Michigan International Speedway between Monday, June 21 - Wednesday, June 30. 

A new interactive website for the PIAXP just launched TODAY (woo hoo!), which has some awesome interactive features -- some of which we hope to integrate into our upcoming Google Lunar X PRIZE website redesign (so let us know what you think of it). Via the PIAXP website, you'll be able to watch live on Ustream (a schedule will be posted), choose your favorite vehicles and follow their performance in real time, and interact with teams via your social networks of choice. And because we like incentive prizes, you'll also notice that if you vote on your favorite PIAXP cars, you can win $3000! Other than the website, you can follow the PIAXP accounts for updates: on twitter at @progautoxp or hashtag #PIAXP, or on Facebook.

I hope you'll stop by and check out some of the really cool things happening with the PIAXP in the next couple of weeks. And have fun hanging out virtually with Will and Ariel on GLXP!

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