Design our lunar future

From Moon Zoo data sets to new water discoveries, the lunar community continues expanding at a rapid rate. If analyzing, prototyping and sending spacecraft to the Moon wasn't enough, a new competition (that we at Google Lunar X PRIZE are excited to be partnering with!) has emerged for those who want to help create our future with the Moon:

Moon Capital Competition 2010: an international design challenge

"While we might be looking to Mars for long term civilization, the Moon is a resourceful body and a closer neighbor. The discovery of water fundamentally changed the practical VALUE of the Moon. After discovering where the water is, and how it is concentrated, we can also learn to collect it and use it to SUPPORT human life and to produce rocket propellant. It is time to consider the Moon as the next destination for human enterprise and designers should NOW be envisioning how it could work and what it might look like. SHIFTboston calls on all architects, artists, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial designers, planners, engineers, and anyone else who would like to propose a Lunar concept."

The competition has "serious" and "fun" categories to participate in. You can design a second generation living and working moon habitat or create a vision that will re-imagine the Moon as a new destination. SHIFTboston is looking for "radical ideas for new lunar elements" such as rovers, growing pods, inflatable structures, droids, clothing, and habitats (e.g. an entire lunar city).

They also have a great blog to check out for various design inspirations when conceptualizing futuristic Moon ecosystems.

Get started on making our lunar future a reality soon, as the application deadline for this competition is September 1, 2010!

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