Friday Fun Day #FFD: Moonbase

(Alternative title: All Your Moon Base Are Belong To Us)

Happy Friday to our lovely space geeks!

We want your help finding the coolest Moonbases. From Moon settlement designs to sci-fi lunar living quarters - post your favorite images in the comments (be sure to credit the source) and we'll collect them on this blog post until 5pm PT today! Update: This Friday Fun Day is now closed - check out all the submitted Moonbases below and stay tuned for the next #FFD!

In case you need recommendations on where to start looking, here's some space settlement image libraries to browse: Mid-century Space Illustration, NASA Space Settlement Contest, NASA Lunar Exploration and NSS Lunar Bases and Settlements.

Kicking off with:

Moonbase Alpha from Space 1999 (Submitted by @arielwaldman via

Lunar Greenhouse by Jonathan Chapin (Submitted by @arielwaldman)

Operation Moon Base by Marx (Submitted by @priesett)

Google Copernicus Center (Submitted by @pomerantz)

Moon bases from the classic von Braun/Bonestell Collier's series (Submitted by @amoroso)

Green Moonbase (Submitted by Michael Frostad via Geekologie)

"Main Mission" Command and Control Center from Space 1999 (Submitted by @TaviGreiner)

Nuclear Disposal Area One from Space 1999 (Submitted by @TaviGreiner)

"Iron Sky" Nazi Moonbase (Submitted by @keithcowing)

Clavius Base from 2001: A Space Odyssey (Submitted by @keithcowing)

NASA concept image of a Moon base (Submitted by @quarkspin)

Roy G. Scarfo moonbases (Submitted by @quarkspin via i09)

MoonBaseTwo (Submitted by @kiamousavi)

Topps TARGET:MOON trading card collection (Submitted by @quarkspin)

From the movie Moon (Submitted by @quarkspin)

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