Increasing Science Education Through Making

(Photo by Balakov)

A phrase I often say in my conference presentations around hacking into space exploration is that being able to do something changes how you see it.

A survey of the teams participating in the MoonBots competition shows that through the act of making, they expanded their knowledge of both computer and lunar science.

Lunar Exploration History and Current Developments
• 52% were familiar with this topic before the competition
• 95.5% were familiar with this topic after Phase I (43.5% increased their lunar exploration knowledge significantly!)

CAD Software
• 37.1% surveyed had familiarity with CAD software prior to the competition
• 91% felt familiar with CAD software after Phase I (53.9% learned a new skill!)

97.8% of all the team members surveyed felt that the competition was a fun, team-building opportunity that strengthened their learning.

80% of the team members surveyed spent over 20 hours each during Phase I of the competition.

Overall, an astonishing amount of self-education was achieved within just 20 hours of making MoonBots! This rings as especially significant during a time when job opportunities within the science industry are uncertain and having the ability to create your own opportunities can put you ahead of the curve!

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