Lunar Lander Challengers

The Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge was won quite a while ago now, but the former teams keep making news. Here are a few recent updates:

Team Phoenicia - This links to the team's newly designed web site. From that site:

Team Phoenicia is undertaking a herculean venture of gloriously confounding proportions: we are entering the Google Lunar X Prize.

Here are some recent blog posts:

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How to Get to Purty

05/02/2010: More Test Firings - SpeedUp

Briefs: XCOR/Masten Space combo; BonNovA test - RLV News
XCOR and Masten collaborate for NASA landers business - RLV News

Masten Space Re-Lights Rocket Engine in Flight - Masten Space Systems

At least one other view of this flight was shown at ISDC 2010. I think it was this heart-stopping one:

Xombie in-air relight view from the ground. - Masten Space Systems on YouTube


Eric Anderson and John Carmack gave more details about this agreement at one of the ISDC 2010 talks:

ISDC 2010 - Anderson/Carmack, Diamandis, Homans - RLV News

The previous link also includes some comments from the Peter Diamandis talk at the ISDC. In addition to the potential prizes listed there, Diamandis also described a few other ideas (all presumably pending funding and additional development). The one I'll mention here is "Lunar Lander Challenge Level 3". I don't have my notes handy (I haven't unpacked from the conference yet), but as I recall the idea was to have a Lunar Lander Challenge that is similar to the one we know, but with no refueling allowed. Staging would be allowed.

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