MoonBots Announce Phase One Winning Teams

It was a tough decision, but the sponsors and partners of MoonBots are happy to announce that the panel of judges have reached a decision!!! Drum Roll......................... The Top 20 Teams to Compete in Phase Two of the MoonBots Challenge are:

ARES- Texas, USA

Coastal Quarks- California,USA

Cougar LEGO Robotics Team- Ohio,USA

Crandroids- Michigan,USA

G.I.R.L.S.- Missouri,USA

got robot?- Illinois,USA

Intergalactic Bacon- Florida,USA

Just Ducky- Minnesota,USA

Landroids- New Jersey,USA

LegoAces- Ohio,USA

Lunar Horizon- California,USA

Milkyway Monsters- Massachusetts,USA

Moonwalk- New Jersey/Connecticut,USA

New Hartford RoboSpartans- New York,USA

OABB 4-H Lego Robots- California,USA

Pushing Frontiers- Lovenjoel, Belguim

Team Tater Tot- Minnesota,USA

The Shadowed Craters- California,USA

WEBstormers- Cape Town, South Africa

Yellow Jackets- Michigan,USA

I thought I would take this opportunity to showcase their team pictures. Can you figure out which picture goes with which team? Check out their team websites to see if you are right.

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