MoonBots Challenge Teams Do Their Research!

As the partners of the MoonBots Challenge get closer to making their announcement of who will be the top 20 winning teams to compete in Phase Two of the challenge, some very fascinating information has really took center stage. Partners have without a doubt took notice to the great amount of time and dedication the teams have given to this project. It is not only evident in the videos and proposal presentations, but is evident in the scientific research that has been posted on various team websites. Many teams really dedicated themselves to learning about lunar exploration. Questions related to why we should go back to the Moon have not only been creatively explored, but much thought was given to the scientific breakthroughs that can be achieved when someone is inspired!

Check out a few of the team’s websites and see if you learn something about lunar exploration.

Note- we will be featuring more teams on future Launch Pad posts. Highlighting teams does not give any advantage to the judging process.

Shrine Robotics


The Portal Five Team

Team Lunar Horizon

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