MoonBots Teams Really Went Far Out!

Since the completion of Phase One of the MoonBots Challenge on May 28th, judges have been vigilantly viewing all of the robot design proposals and videos loaded on each one of the MoonBots Team’s websites. Amazingly, teams have really captured the true essence of this challenge. From the great stories of how team members know each other, to the fun and interactive video skits, judges can see that the teams went far out in dedicating themselves to this challenge. It has also been fantastic to see the intense amount of scientific data and lunar knowledge that has been captured on each team’s website. Many teams have been exceptionally creative in designing their robot proposals, as well as encouraging to their competition.

Here are just a few random examples of MoonBots Team’s creativity:

Molokai Mahina: Is there an official theme song now for MoonBots? Listen to the last 30 seconds of this video.

Microbots' Blog Post: Like many of the MoonBot Challenge teams, we are eagerly awaiting the results of Phase 1. Will we be one of the lucky teams selected to move on? Looking around, there are so many good videos, web sites, and robot designs. Wow! So many teams worked hard to shine!

Fgmmr: Hey..... did we ask for bloopers? Glad to see teams having fun!

Angus Bay Explorers: Great to see team notes on how their robot design proposal came about.

Compurobotica: Beautiful landscape backdrop! Check out the Mayan Pyramid Structure.

Cougar Robot: Check out all of the different views of their robot design proposal.

Note- we will be featuring more teams on future Launch Pad posts. Highlighting teams does not give any advantage to the judging process.

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