Prize Roundup: Falcon 9 Congrats, Cansat 2010, Model Your Town, Armadillo Restart, More

Winners of Panoramio Contest of March 2010 - Panoramio's Blog

There are far too many posts and tweets from people in the space prize community on the successful Falcon 9 flight to cover here. I'll just give a small sample of tweets here:

@PTScientists: Congratulations #SpaceX for the first succesful launch of Falcon9 ! :-) It's an important day for the GoogleLunarX-Prize #glxp #space

@PeterDiamandis: Against all the odds, SpaceX has pulled off the 1st Falcon-9 flight. This will herald a new era of private launch at a much reduced cost!

@Way to go Spacex!!!!! - Unreasonable Rocket

@Eurospaceward: August 6-8. 2010, Japan University Futawa Campus, Japan SE Technology and Engineering Competition JSETEC regulations up at

@glxp: Are you 10-17 yrs old? Share your vision of future human space exploration in this art competition: (via @lealem)

@TeamPrometheus: I posted 28 photos on Facebook in the album "Ah oh what's this?"

@Doug_Comstock: Discussing technical objectives of next Centennial Challenge prize competitions at NASA HQ today, plan to announce 3 new competitions soon.

Armadillo - 2000ft boosted hop, engine shutdown/restart, safe landing - RLV News

Some Data - Unreasonable Rocket:

As I've said several times this year, I currently have more rocket time than rocket $, I can continue to do interesting things with my leftover LLC hardware, but it does not match the far end goal. The far end goal is a 100Km 5Kg payload rocket that is reusable and can be reproduced for less than 10K.

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #20 - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration
Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #21 - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration

8 Scientists Share $3 Million in Prizes - The New York Times covers this year's winners of the Kavli Prize, including the one in astrophysics.

This is from a few weeks ago: Google announces the winner of their "Model Your Town" competition - Google Earth Blog

The 2010 Annual Texas CanSat Competition is scheduled for June 11 - 13 in Amarillo, Texas.

Cansat 2010 preliminary design - Student Space Programs Laboratory

According to POTROCS,

The CANSAT event this year will be an non rocket event. The CANSAT's will be dropped from a helicopter. This change is necessary because of the wheat harvest in the Wayside area.

Team Phoenicia keeps up its recent surge in posts with pictures:

Material Science Testing
How to Get Purty (part 8)
How to Get Purty (part 7)
How to Get to Purty (part 6)

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