Prize Roundup: Mavericks Launch (of Web Site), SE Games Poster, Mojave Event, More

Mavericks Announces Launch of New Website - Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation (formerly Rocket Mavericks) - Here are a couple pages from that site on prizes:

Mavericks Competition Community

The ISEC 2009 Space Elevator Poster - The Space Elevator Blog

National Space Society Announces “NSS in Second Life” Machinima Contest Winner - National Space Society Blog

International Youth Art Competition - Deadline Septempber 30, 3010 - Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium

Parts Came in... - Unreasonable Rocket

Sponsors Sought For NASA's Centennial Challenges Competitions - NASA - This is a brief news release about the RFI I mentioned in the last post.

How to Get Purty (Part 9)
How to Get Purty (Part 10) - Team Phoenicia

@TeamPrometheus: Launch Tower going up! Matagorda, Texas! And some antennas! 150' antenna tower and 3 meter Dish. Setting date for...

@rocketshadow: Plane Crazy, Sat.19 June @ Mojave Airport. Come see the Dick Rutan's new Berkut, with the FINEST paint job I've seen in a while. 10 am-2 pm

@NASAMICI: Getting ready for online presentation From Dr. Antonio Soares re: Robitics and the Space elevator on

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