Prize Roundup: Mojave Move, MICI Newsletter, Centennial Challenges RFI, More

@NASAPrize: NASA RFI posted asking for potential sponsors to support current and future Centennial Challenges Allied Orgs at

I was wondering what was happening after reading the following tweet:

@wikkit: I'm moving away from Cali. Should I have an Escape From Mojave party this week, or just slink off into the night like the vagabond I am?

Here's the answer:

Brockert moving to Armadillo Aerospace - RLV News

@TeamPrometheus: I posted 13 photos on Facebook in the album "LDRS #29"

@fineri: New logo

@nextgiantleap: NGL Team member, MIT, wins graduate level RASC-AL competition using hopper concepts on Mars!

@airshipz: Have been working hard with traditional sources for 1.5 years without success even though individuals agree with project it doesn't fit mold

@glxp: Calling all creative minds: MOON CAPITAL competition by SHIFTboston. Cash prize + more for winner!

Sci-Fi short film contest - Space for All

June NASA MICI Newsletter - NASA MICI

SpeedUp hybrid test - RLV News

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