Boy Scout Centennial Jamboree Partners with X PRIZE at First Technology Quest

Many of you may have read in previous posts here are on the Launch Pad this week that X PRIZE is at the Boy Scout Jamboree to help celebrate their centennial anniversary. What is even more unique about this experience is that X PRIZE is one of many high profile partners supporting the Boy’s Scouts first technology exhibit in support of STEM Education. Technology Quest is an exciting hands-on adventure that is open to all 43,000+ youth that that are camping here at Fort A.P Hill, Virginia for 10 days. X PRIZE has joined partners like National Geographic, NASA, LEGO and Franklin Institute to exhibit the latest innovations and inspire these youth to pursue careers in science. (Technology Quest was first featured at the worldwide Boy Scout Jamboree three years ago with great excitement.)

During the first four days of being here, I have personally enjoyed seeing the great enthusiasm that these boys have for learning new things. We have shared our X PRIZE story with thousands of youth and have received A LOT of great ideas for new innovations. One of the exercises that youth are taking part at in our tent is a survey that asks the boys what inspires them and what kinds of new ideas they have for new PRIZES in Exploration, Energy and Environment, Education and Global Development and Life Science. I have heard ideas like creating Moon Homes, Electric Hover Cars, Fabric Molding Fibers, Hydroponic Planting, Bionic Eyes and many, many more. The boys are then asked to create a badge design based on their ideas. I will be sharing more information about this in later posts, but to give you a heads up…. X PRIZE is hoping to develop a series of merit badges and patches for Boy Scouts based on our PRIZE categories. We thought what better way to start developing our ideas than to survey the boys directly at the Jamboree for our future work with the Boy Scouts.

For fun, here are some other cool things taking place at the Jamboree:

- Major media coverage of Boy Scout Jamboree being featured on and

- The first U.S. postage stamp honoring the centennial was sold on Tuesday here at the Jamboree.

- 29 foreign countries are attending the National Boy Scout Jamboree. The World Scouting Movement is embraced by six continents.

- The Jamboree runs a radio station 24 hours a day with music, news and weather announcements.

- U.S Secretary of Defense- Robert Gates welcomed participants at Wednesday’s Opening Ceremony with a fly over of F-16C’s.

- In all, Boy Scouts will each receive 35 meals while they are here, with an estimated cost of $5,000,000.

- 10 nationally recognized cartoonists will be running tributes in newspapers across the U.S. until August 4th in support of the anniversary.

- Four new merit badges are being featured at the Jamboree: Scuba, Scouting Heritage, Geocaching and Inventing.

Note- I will be here for another week and will be sharing more fun experiences about the Jamboree and Technology Quest. Stay tuned!

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