BSA Jambo -- Scouts and Space

Day 6 of running the X PRIZE tent at the 2010 Boy Scout Jamboree: between waves of Scouts touring through the tent, we've been working on downloading, uploading, and wrangling all of the awesome content that we have been collecting here. There are few things more inspiring and rewarding than witnessing the enthusiasm of young people wanting to learn about science and innovation, or hearing kids say, "I want to explore space someday". I've interviewed some of the Scouts here over the past few days, and while you can expect a compilation video to be posted in a couple of days, I wanted to post a segment of one conversation that I had with a 12 year old from Florida:

Kind of makes you think: what were you doing at the age of 12? We also interviewed the winner of the Boy Scout Lego Car contest that was hosted by Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, where Scouts were asked to build Lego models of their favorite PIAXP cars:

This event has been a really great way to teach thousands of young people about X PRIZE as well as science, technology, and innovation, over a relatively short time period. Expect more updates from us soon -- the BSA Jamboree events continue for several more days!

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