A Day in the Life of an X PRIZE Tech Quest Boy Scout Volunteer

Hello everyone --  this is Michael Chen. He has been volunteering his days here at the Boy Scout Jamboree’s Tech Quest area. I have gotten to know Michael pretty well this week because he has been a computer tech in our X PRIZE tent. I have to say, meeting Michael has made me appreciate the Boy Scouts on a whole new level. His endurance to get through this Virginia heat is umm… very, very admirable. He has not complained one time, which beats my typical comments about the heat, which has been averaging at about 20 times a day! Maybe that is because he is an Eagle Scout -- an honor that he earned, he relayed to me, by renovating his Chinese School at the age of 16. Today, Michael is looking forward to starting his freshman year at the University of Central Florida this coming fall. He is majoring in Engineering and Biology. One of the reasons that he chose these areas is because of his love for math and nature. So, I asked Michael today, “Why did he volunteer to be here?” His answer was simple. He loves the Boy Scout Jamboree and the only way he could come back was to volunteer. Being here at the Centennial Anniversary was very important to him. Being assigned to the X PRIZE tent has been an added benefit because he loves science and that the X PRIZE is making a better world!

I asked Michael to share some of his personal photos. Thanks Michael!

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