Evolution of a Pixel (lunar lander)

Armadillo Aerospace, former Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander X Challenge competitor, is collaborating with NASA on "Project M", a project that plans to send a version of Robonaut to explore the Moon.

The following video is a recent free flight test of the Armadillo prototype vehicle that may deliver NASA's robotic friend to the lunar surface:

It is great to watch this video and see Armadillo Aerospace moving forward with vehicles originally built and tested in pursuit of a prize purse. For a trip down memory lane, check out this media page from the X PRIZE Cup in 2006 (courtesy of Armadillo Aerospace). Does this rocket-powered vehicle look familiar?

2006 was the year that the Armadillo "Pixel" quad was the lone entry in the NGLLXC, and nearly completed the Level I requirements. Four short years later, the company continues to build on the quad design and work toward lunar-ready designs. We wish them the best as they continue onwards and upwards!

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