Handing Over the Keys to GLXP

Exciting times are upon the X PRIZE Foundation, as we are about to do one of our favorite things: hand out several more checks for large sums of money! Starting on Wednesday, July 21st, the 15 remaining vehicles in the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE will battle it out for millions of dollars in prize purses.  By the beginning of August (pending some final verification tests) we'll know what teams will claim the second $10 million X PRIZE. Pretty cool!

About half of the XPF office is clearing out and heading for Michigan this week to support the finals event, including myself. But we are extremely lucky to have one of our awesome Google Lunar X PRIZE superfans covering the channels in my absence: Mike Doornbos, of Evadot and SpaceUpDC fame. As a knowledgeable and active member of the Google Lunar X PRIZE community, I think many of you are already familiar with Mike -- but if not, don't worry, we made sure that he likes bacon and moonpies before handing him the keys to the Launch Pad, Twitter, Facebook, and the Flight Plan. So stop by and say "Howdy!" to him this week, he would love to hear from you. Thanks for helping us out, Mike!

As for me, I will return to the office on August 3rd. Expect another quick post or two from me during the next week with more details on some of the interesting things happening in the X PRIZE world...

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